Harold Stephen Wylie-Artist

I haven’t updated since September 2012. I have been painting,
but other things have kept me from updating – like Winter
and taxes. I can’t photograph my work indoors because
of the flash and when it’s clear outdoors it tends to be cold,
gray, and snowy. I can add to the “The Museum” section
of the site. I have found more photos and slides of my old
work. The “Museum” is growing to the point
I’m showing more old work than new.

All of the beveled images on this page are links to other pages.

Acrylic Paintings:

2Pillers-169x212x 1199-169x21x2

Digital Landscapes:

Anasazi-Winter-Button Lake Powell #6:1:8-Button

Landscape1 #158-Button Snowscape #179 Button

Digital Abstracts:

04:10:10D Page1 DOGOD ap2 Page2 Picture #10XJ2 Page3

Vortex Page4

I’ve found some photographs of “old” watercolors
I painted and sold over the years. I’m including
these images on pages called “Old & Sold”. They are
a condensed version of my watercolors over 40 years.


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